This level of hypocrisy is offensive and insulting.

My political opinions are based on morals and principles which is something that is abundantly lacking in a lot of politicians.

We are now being told to protect the NHS. The Tories never wanted the National Health Service to begin with and have been hell-bent on deconstructing it for years.

Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, has been praising the NHS, yet the Tories have been depriving it of the resources it badly needs.

Conservative governments have been responsible for a massive increase in NHS privatisation. Billions of pounds have been siphoned off by way of contracts given to private providers.

The nurses that Johnson praises are the nurses that are dying because of a lack of protective equipment. This is a result of deliberate defunding in order to run it down so badly that people will accept privatisation. Doctors and nurses have died because of the lack of protective equipment.

Boris Johnson is one of the many Tory MPs who voted against a pay rise for nurses in 2017. It is certainly no secret that he has been a proponent of privatising the NHS for a long time. Anyone who really believes that he is actually a supporter of the NHS is very much deluded.

There were vast amounts of dedicated doctors and nurses who left the NHS because of the appalling way both they and the NHS have been treated. The Government has asked them to come back to “save the nation” because of Covid-19.

The NHS lost vast numbers of much needed EU doctors and nurses after the BREXIT referendum. If I am lying ill in a hospital bed, I don’t care where the doctors and nurses are from. They can come from another planet for all I care, thank you very much.

The NHS has been a main focus of political strategy, particularly because of the passion and pride that the people of the UK hold for it. The only way to wrestle it away from the people is by stealth, manipulation and deception.

When the Tories say they are putting money into hospitals, it is the equivalent of putting an apple in the front door and taking half a dozen crates of bananas out the back door. They have also sold off NHS land on the quiet, which is part of their asset-stripping agenda.

The best way to protect the NHS is for Tory voters to stay at home during the next General Election.

The Naylor Review exposed by Dr Bob Gill

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